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The face with the best look. Tampa Bay model Johanna photographed by photographer Andy Meng.The reason for the hot ocean water in Clearwater. Russian model Yvonka photographed by Tampa Bay photographer Andy Meng.Looking to the stars. Tampa Bay model and actress Angie photographed by photographer Andy Meng.Another look at a great model. Tampa Bay model and actress Angie photographed by photographer Andy Meng.Florida's most talented woman. Tampa Bay model, singer, actress,  television personality, and beauty pageant title holder Ann Poonkasem photographed by photogrrapher C. A. Passinault of Aurora PhotoArts.A younf model starts her own fan club. Tampa Bay model Anndrea photographed by photographer Andy Meng.This model rocks! Tampa Bay model Caroline photographed in the bay by photographer Andy Meng.Beach model. Tampa Bay model Charlotte Mansfield shows photographer C. A. Passinault what it is all about.Stunning model! Tampa Bay model Charlotte Mansfield struts a pose under a Clearwater boardwalk for modeling photographer C. A. Passinault.Great look! Tampa Bay model Harmony Oswald plays for the camera as she is photographed by modeling photographer C. A. Passinault.Timeless beauty. Tampa Bay model distracts the crowd in Brandon back in 2001. Photograph by modeling portfolio photographer C. A. Passinault.Almost too hot for this modeling web site. Tampa Bay model Johanna photographed by photographer Andy Meng.Another beauty pageant title holder! Tampa Bay model Shilah Goodwin photographed by photographer C. A. Passinault.This model has it going on! Tampa Bay model Stephanie Duncan poses for photographer C. A. Passinault of Aurora PhotoArts, a Tampa Bay photography company.


Tampa Bay Location Information

Coming soon, real soon, we will have information on Tampa Bay Modeling locations for model and model portfolio photographers. This will be an interesting experiment, as each location will have resources (a geographically relevant resource listing), pictures, angles, GPS coordinates, history, anecdotes, and other useful information for any modeling project that needs to be done in there. We should have this online by Spring, 2006!

Locations featured will include downtown Tampa, Hyde Park, South Tampa, Bayshore, Channelside, Clearwater, Clearwater Beach, Saint Petersburg, Fort Desoto, Largo, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Carollwood, Northdale, Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Land O Lakes, Tampa Palms, New Tampa, the USF metro area, Brandon, Ybor City, Lakeland, Riverview, and much more. Think of this as your free, online location scout, and we'll even pack in location tips from professional photographers and models who have worked the location. We can't wait, and we're sure that you can't, either!



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